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We create Ultimate Communicators who are true to themselves and their message.

Be they speakers, writers, networkers, storytellers, or salespeople, we transform those who are struggling to be heard, those who cannot clearly articulate their messages or understand those of others, and we transform their communications authentically. We assess, develop, and refine the skills needed for them to become Ultimate Communicators in their own right.
Using a powerful set of Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™ profiling tool, skills assessment and development exercises, workshops and supportive one-on-one coaching, clients evolve to become their best Communications selves.
Their resulting certainty, clarity, confidence and growth then leads them to achieve lasting results in both their professional and personal lives.

Where it all started…

In 2014 the business focus was clear, Kim Taylor Ultimate Speaker was focused on training clients to be better public speakers, Ultimate Speakers, in fact!

Kim provided one-on-one client consulting packages, created helpful content, encouraged conversations and skills development, and ran paid group events across Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

To build awareness for herself and her business and to further her own message and the message of superior communication skills building as a powerful work and life tool, Kim embraced a variety of speaking opportunities as the business grew.

She was successful in creating Ultimate Speakers by helping clients find their voice, hone their skills, and refine their messages.

There were a growing number of opportunities to apply this gift for building communications understanding and expertise for clients who were outside of the Professional Speaker realm. These clients required upskilling in the realms of networking and selling instead. So, Kim’s offering continued to expand.

The Aha moment…

In 2019, Kim created the Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™, powerful profiles that provide deep insight into our own personal communication style, and this led to a seminal strategic ‘aha’ moment with the business. It was time for her, and her business to expand its reach and impact.

The right path to a much expanded offering, to leveraging the power of these Communication Archetypes™ and embracing the creation of Ultimate Communicators rather than just Speakers, has, and will continue to be one of evolution and great joy.

Communications evolved…

2020 saw the birth of the Ultimate Communicator, an expanded offering of development support for creating Ultimate Communicators in all areas from Speaker, to Networker, to Writer, to Leader and more!

And, the launch of the Ultimate Communicator’s Communication Archetypes™ came alongside the expanded offering.

The combination of both these strategic enhancements to the business will create an expanded structure that assists more clients in more and deeper ways. And, it will help to elevate and expand the collective Communications expertise, creating more and more Ultimate Communicators in the future.

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