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Do any of these sound familiar?​

  • You’re a leader in your industry, and you want to increase your visibility and perhaps be invited to speak on radio or TV
  • Perhaps you have a vision for your business and want to clearly and succinctly communicate your ideas to your team, partners, and stakeholders
  • You’re a Professional and want to expand your reach and generate more income
  • Perhaps you love what you do and feel uncomfortable speaking to groups
  • You’re starting out in business and feel unsure about how to go to the next level
  • You have an amazing gift…you’re great at what you do but people don’t know about you
  • Or perhaps you have an incredible story or business that you know will help millions of people create change in their lives…but you’re not optimizing this
  • You know there is something more and you have a deep desire to reach your full potential, but you don’t know the next steps
  • Or maybe you know you need to get out there and speak and you don’t know how to leverage yourself and your work

Ultimate Communicator Mastermind

Grow Your Business As You Become a Master Communicator

6-month group training

If you have had thoughts, such as… 

  • I need to generate more income
  • I can’t do this
  • I lack clarity
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • I’m not good enough
  • People don’t get me
  • I’m not engaging enough

…then you are going to love the Ultimate Communicator Mastermind.

    Developing your communication
    and public speaking skills is the quickest
    way to accelerate your income?

    Imagine…what it would mean for you and your business to learn the key to unlocking your potential as an Ultimate Communicator in your own right.

    Imagine…understanding how to embrace your unique communication style so that you have influence, you inspire others, and you know how to tap into the different aspects of yourself, speak from your heart and share your messages effectively.

    Imagine…developing clear communication processes and frameworks so that you have the tools to engage and communicate your messages effectively for different situations. For example, networking, running workshops, having one to one sales conversations, conducting interviews, delivering podcasts and delivering talks to groups.

    Imagine…from a place of empowerment, freedom and influence, you have the ability to naturally and sincerely sell to one or many and attract new clients quickly and confidently.

    Why? Because you are at a different level in your communication and speaking and have the proven replicable step-by-step strategies, support and tools to accomplish all of this.

    If you want to move your business or professional life forward with clarity, expand your reach, become known for what you do and generate income, one of the fastest ways to do this and develop the KNOW LIKE TRUST factor, is through becoming a more confident leader and communicator.

    Step by step you will be guided through this comprehensive mastermind of learning so that by the end you become the Master Communicator you dreamed about!

    You’ll receive everything you need from understanding your unique communication style, speaking to potential clients, networking, effectively communicating your ideas, creating presentations that engage and inspire your listeners to running your own workshops.

    You will discover how to shift any obstacles holding you back as well as develop your personal communication style and ability to communicate in any situation.

    Personal growth and business growth go hand in hand and this Mastermind program is designed to do both.

    How does the Ultimate Communicator Mastermind work?

    • A 6-month supportive program so that you receive massive transformation rather than short-lived transformation where you can end up going back to old ways of doing things
    • Being mindful of your time, there are 12 x 90-minute fortnightly calls via Zoom
    • All calls are recorded for your future reference with unlimited access
    • Learn from the other group members as you practice within a safe nurturing environment
    • Handouts, checklists and worksheets are all included for easy application and implementation

    If you are genuinely committed to growing your business and becoming a master communicator…​

    Then it’s your time to expand your reach and share your message. I look forward to welcoming you to the Ultimate Communicator Mastermind.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. There are segments within the training which will give you strategies and guidance on how to easily work out your pricing.
    Yes, we do. Being mindful of your time, this package is a blend of both and gives you both online and face to face training.