Breathing Life into Your Message

Listening to my colleague, Ange, I noticed how the audience was totally absorbed in her presentation. Ange told her story with passion and vitality. Each character played with a different voice and facial expression. She oozed personality and entertained us as she was breathing life into her message. However, it wasn’t the character voices or her mannerisms that kept us absorbed in her story.

For your message to have purpose and meaning for your listener, you must answer this one question for them… “Why am I listening to you?”

Answering this question breathes life into your message because it gives your audience a reason to keep listening. They relate what you’re saying to their own lives, dreams and goals.

Can you relate to this?

This is important because:

Your message reaches your audience on a much deeper level. It can be the difference between them saying “that was a nice story” and “this has absolutely changed my life”

It gives them insight to see a way forward. Their emotional response directly relates to their deep connection with your message.

You may be wondering how you can do this.Breath life into your message

The most important thing is to be very clear on your ultimate purpose. When your purpose isn’t clear to you, then it won’t be clear to your audience.

Your ability to communicate this minimizes the risk of your sounding disconnected as you speak.

7 Steps to easily discovering your Ultimate Speaking purpose:

What is my purpose for this talk, presentation or training?

Is it to support, educate or perhaps give my audience a sense of possibility?

What would I like my listeners or target audience to see, hear, feel and think?

Decide what essential lessons and ultimate pieces of gold you want your listeners to reflect on, leave with and apply to their lives.

Then, in 10 words or less write down your purpose. Keep these words in your heart and mind as you prepare.

As you choose each piece of content, ensure that it ties back to your purpose

Use stories and metaphors throughout to demonstrate each point. This is an innovative and impactful way of getting your message across. The benefits for your audience are long lasting because our mind loves a story!

Breath life into your message.

How do you feel about breathing life into your message now?

Whether you’re preparing to speak personally or professionally, by applying these essential steps, you become a positive inspiration for change.

Your audience feels connected and engaged.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Maya Angelou

Here’s to speaking from your heart and breathing life into your message!