Conscious Collaboration the Essential Ingredient for Effective Networking

“When you are a person people can trust, they will call on upon you, love to be around you and work with you. A leader’s skills take him to people, but his character brings people to him.” – Israelmore Avivor, Leaders’s Ladder

At a recent networking event, I stood with a group of well-dressed professionals doing a fun activity, which included getting to know each other and our businesses. As the conversation moved around the circle, I noticed how the person next to me began to fidget, fear clearly etched on her face as her turn to share came closer. As I turned to her and gave her a reassuring smile, she quietly whispered to me “I have no idea what I’m going to say. I’d rather clean toilets than talk about what I do. I always ramble and go way off track.”

She wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I was sad at the number of people who shared with me they either felt uncomfortable talking about their businesses, they didn’t like making small talk or they didn’t know how to say what it is they do so that they came across clear and articulate.

If you feel this way, can I ask you a question? Who is this about?

That’s right….you’re making your networking experience about You and not Others!

The simple truth is Networking is about Collaboration and Connection.

Real networking is about working together and helping each other.

  • Connecting with other amazing people just like you!
  • Building Referral Partners. This can mean you refer business to others and they refer business to you. Referral partners help spread the word for you and you help spread the word for them.

The best part about this is everyone benefits. As a result, your business grows and you become known as someone with integrity who genuinelywants to help others.

Stepping outside your comfort zone can feel uncomfortable. However, when you go to a network event with an open heart, an open mind and a “how can I help you?” approach you will notice the difference and your confidence and ability to communicate clearly will improve because…

People do business with people they like and are like! Conscious Collaboration is the Essential Ingredient for Effective Networking

Let ‘the Cause’ become the ‘Because’ – the reason for people to do business with and to refer business to you” Timothy M. Houston, Leads To Referrals

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Here’s to your Conscious Collaboration as You Speak from Your Heart and Share Your Message!