Keeping empowered gratitude close to your heart

“If the only prayer you say in your whole life is “thank you”, that would suffice”  Meister Eckhart

Recently, I was reminded of a life changing situation that Chris, my husband, and I had been faced with nine years ago.

Pam, our Warm Up Master at Toastmasters, asked us to “share a time in your lives where a setback or “bad” thing has taken place. Then, once the situation had happened, you realized this setback was in fact a blessing and you saw the silver lining.”

The response from our group was incredibly moving as each of us shared a little of our own lives. A fine silver thread of gratitude silently wove and connected us as we each shared our story. Deep gratitude for having experienced, survived and grown on many levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Can you relate to this?

April 2004, Chris discovered he had a high-grade aggressive form of Non-Hodgkinson lymphoma in his abdomen. Our entire life felt like it had been turned upside down. His radical treatment took place in the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane over an intensive 6-month period.

Even though his experience was frightening and undeniably life threatening, he continued to focus on his silver lining throughout his experience. He made every day count in a positive way. He planned his outstanding future. He took himself for strolls, IV unit in tow. Together we celebrated birthdays, special occasions and life itself. Laughter and lively conversation filled each day.

On one occasion, Chris’s room was full of colourful helium balloons. We decided to take them to the children’s ward. What a delight to see their faces light up!

On the sixth month, Chris had his last intensive session of chemotherapy. With his strong resilience and positive attitude, he recovered and came home. At the time, we had a wholesale plant business. Every doctor, nurse and administrative person, who had been part of Chris’s recovery over the previous six months, received a magnificent blossoming red Anthurium plant.

Recently, Chris went to see John, his Oncologist, for a check up. As Chris entered his office, Kathryn, John’s secretary, looked up. With a beaming smile, she proudly said “I still have my Anthurium, you know”

You can let events in your life rule you. Or you can choose to speak from your heart and empower yourself and others with gratitude.

What thoughts, memories or stories does this evoke within you?

Your gratitude gives you positive inspiration for change and takes you from fearful to fabulous in a second.

“Gratitude is heaven itself” William Blake

Here’s to Your empowerment as You speak from Your heart and share Your message!