“Whether in business or life, the way we communicate determines the outcomes and results we get”

Clare Edwards (FIML), Principal Brain Smart Consulting

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You are aware the way you are communicating is not achieving your desired results, but you don’t know how to move forward
  • You are great at what you do but that imposter syndrome keeps knocking your self-belief and confidence
  • You want to find and connect with your ideal clients quickly, confidently and with integrity, but something is blocking your progress
  • Your communication messages are only landing effectively with some and not many people
  • Maybe you know you need to get out there and speak more and you don’t know how to leverage yourself and your work
  • You want to thrive in your communication and working style and become a more confident leader and communicator
  • Your dream is to become more comfortable with who you are and how you relate and communicate with others, making it easy for people to do business with you

Good News! You can become an Ultimate Communicator in your own right and still be YOU!

It starts with self-awareness of who you are as a communicator, how you adopt your natural communication style and how you best respond and adapt to others’ communication styles while remaining ULTIMATELY YOU. These are known as “patterns of power” within you that influence how you effectively articulate your messages and how you step forward as a leader in your business or career.

Tailored to you, the Ultimate Communicate-to-Captivate program has been designed to get you started on your journey to becoming an Ultimate Communicator and more effective leader so that you can engage, support, influence, and inspire whoever you are working with.

When you understand your patterns of power and natural style of communicating, this gives you the foundation and ability to communicate and share your messages in any situation – your team, potential clients, networking, with stakeholders and your personal relationships!

Perhaps you want to overcome the imposter syndrome, develop your confidence, and change any behaviour patterns that are not working for you or others.

Perhaps your goal is to streamline your current methods of communicating and public speaking, in specific areas, such as, networking, sales conversations, delivering talks, conducting interviews, or delivering podcasts

Perhaps your wish is to learn more effective communication processes and articulate your messages clearly so that you can confidently move your business, professional life, or personal life forward.

This enlightening, comprehensive skill-building program gives you a head start to understand how to apply, refine and master your personal communication and working style so that you can play to your strengths, and overcome any barriers and challenges holding you back,

It is about developing you from the inside out so that you step into your natural communication genius zone and you excel in your role as a professional woman!

Ultimate Communicate-to-Captivate Supportive Starter Program

Your path to mastering the foundations of being an Ultimate communicator

6-month One to One Coaching & Mentoring

    Imagine… uncovering your unique motivators and productivity drivers so that you can see how they are impacting the efficient use of your time and energy? Plus learn how to change this.

    Imagine… what it would mean for you as a leader to be a super confident communicator who has overcome any fears and can confidently go out into the marketplace and deliver effective engaging presentations, compel others with your voice and move forward with clarity,

    Imagine… from this place of empowerment, freedom and influence, you have the ability to naturally and authentically sell to one or many as you find and connect with your ideal clients quickly, confidently and with integrity

    Why? Because you are at a different level in your communication and have the proven replicable step-by-step strategies, support and tools to accomplish this.

    Clients' experiences in their words

    I originally started working with Kim on taking my speaking to a whole new level and putting that structure and framework around my presentations, crafting powerful presentations with a flow and a story, which was amazing. I got all of that.

    What I didn’t realize and what I did get from Kim was a structure and framework around my business, around my life and this has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. This is why we are still working together.

    It has been amazing getting the support from Kim on a business level and personal level. If you are ever in doubt about working with Kim, can I please suggest that you at least have a chat with her because it will be so worth your while. You will get so much more out of it than you ever expected.
    Melissa Meagher
    CEO Talking Money, Brisbane
    After much research, I phoned Kim from Ultimate Communicator. Instantly I felt a connection. I truly felt “she got me”! She made me feel at ease, and completely confident in our path forward together, because with Kim, it is a journey you take together.

    She became my mentor, my communication coach, confidant and always the professional.

    Kim, what an absolute privilege it has been working with you over the last few months. Your one-on-one Ultimate Communication Coaching has transformed me from an apprehensive speaker to the confident presenter I am today. I have learnt so much in such a short time and cannot recommend highly enough this programme to anyone who wants to love public speaking like I do now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Tania Turner
    Shine Beauty Salons and Sunshine Coast Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year
    Kim Taylor is a communication dynamo wrapped in a beautiful, quiet confident shell. She is the go-to person for anything related to communicating and connecting through your brand and message. What Kim teaches is THE foundation and core for all businesses and individuals to learn and embody so they can connect deeply with their clients and leads.

    I love the work Kim does and more importantly the way in which she teaches - so much so I have brought her in as a guest trainer to my company to teach my women entrepreneurs how to connect and communicate with their audiences both online and off. Kim embodies trust, confidence and highly effective communication and couldn’t recommend her highly enough

    Who is this Program for?

    • You are a professional woman with a service-based business or in a professional career
    • You want to thrive in your communication and working style and become a more confident leader and communicator
    • You are looking for a tailored, supportive, fast, fresh approach to take your communication and leadership skills to the next level
    • You want to develop your clarity, leadership style and ability to communicate with anyone effectively
    • Your burning desire is to become more comfortable with who you are and how you relate and understand people
    • You want to shift gears on your current methods of communicating and public speaking, in specific areas and take things to a new level,
    • There is a calling inside you to create change and make a difference and you’re unsure on the next steps when it comes to communicating this

    Outcomes You Can Expect

    Aligned with your goals and ongoing professional development, these are some of the outcomes you can expect if you were to invest in the Ultimate Communicate-to-Captivate program.

    • Absolute clarity on your key strengths, challenges, and strategies to overcome any blocks
    • Mastery of your unique patterns of power so that you know how to deliver your messages and move forward as an empowered leader.
    • A clear communication plan on how to communicate and articulate your messages to anyone
    • Proven strategies to develop your confidence, leadership style and ability to communicate with anyone effectively

    What You Will Receive

    • 4 x 90min tailored to you one-to-one coaching and mentoring with Kim online via Zoom. Face to face training is also an option.
    • Your personal recording of each session for your future reference with unlimited access.
    • Bonus resources to help you step into your natural communication genius zone and surpass your expectations as an exceptional professional woman in your own personal style.
    • Unlimited email support and two 15-minute laser sessions via phone are available so that you can keep progressing and moving forward between your one-to-one sessions.
    • Relevant templates, worksheets, handouts and models are all included to support and integrate your learning.