6 Essentials to Unlock Your Ultimate Wedding Day

“I’m getting married! We’re having a boutique wedding.I only want beloveds…  people I can trust who will support and help create our special day…. I’d love you to be our Emcee.”

Nadine’s chocolate brown eyes danced brightly, her voice excited, as we sat sipping long black coffees on her white leather lounge.

“With running my business and family home, I don’t have the time and energy to organize a wedding as well. I want you to take care of the details. It’s most important that our family and friends feel loved and have all their needs taken care of…”

I listened intently as Nadine earnestly listed the things that would make their day the most memorable fairy tale wedding.

Nadine was my business mentor and coach. We had built a strong, supportive, trusting relationship over a relatively short time. In Nadine’s eyes, I had earned my stripes. I felt privileged to be asked to emcee her wedding.

  • Do you ever feel stretched, stressed or struggle to find time like Nadine?
  • Can you relate to wanting supportive, caring people around you as you plan your wedding?

As you prepare for your big day, it’s normal to feel stressed and worried that there’s not enough time to do everything.

After all, it’s your day and you want it to be perfect, don’t you?

Did you know it takes a bride an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding?

Having assisted couples to plan their special day and emceed many weddings and functions, I appreciate there’s a lot to do.

Here are Six Essentials so that you feel more Confident, Calm and Certain.

1. Magnificent You: Even though You may feel stretched, give Yourself a relaxed space to appreciate who You are and what You most need.

2. Magical Moments: Create fun time with Your partner. It’s easy to forget to re-energize and reconnect. Have “no screens” dates – meaning no phones, no TV and no computers.

3. Minimize Your Load: Things can go off track. Reduce this by asking trusted family or friends to support You. People love to be part of something special.

4. Manage and Organize: It’s important You feel organized. List everything You feel You will need on a tangible, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

5. Maximize Your Well-being: When you feel stressed, the first thing affected is your breath. Stress causes us to breathe shallowly. Your whole physiology then tightens and your stress compounds. Can you relate to this? Remember to deep breathe, eat well and sleep well.

6. Making Your Time Count: Engaging a professional, such as an Emcee or Wedding Planner, can ultimately save you time, energy and money because they have the expertise and contacts to effectively co-ordinate your day.

  • Have you ever considered getting someone to help you organize your Wedding, such as, a professional Emcee?Nadine Love at Secrets on the Lake, Montville, with Ultimate Emcee Kim Taylor

Remember, whether you choose a professional or a close friend, it’s important that they listen and understand what will create the perfect day for you.

Your special day deserves to be taken care of by someone you can trust to look after all the details. A professional to free you up so that you’re relaxed and at your very best to relish every moment

Imagine knowing everything is taken care of so You can be…You with the one You love
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